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FORFAITS services

  • Available Online

    Économique, rapide et efficace / Low cost, fast and efficient

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    10 min

    20 dollars canadiens
  • Available Online

    Aide achats en ligne / Help online shopping

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    20 min

    60 dollars canadiens
  • Available Online

    Grands besoins, solutions complètes / Big needs, complete solutions

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    50 min

    120 dollars canadiens


The Zoom service is the easiest method for effective communication. Once you have selected and paid for this service, you will receive a thank-you email for your order, along with all the Zoom connection details needed for your consultation session. Don't worry, it's very simple. Click on the Zoom (join the reunion) link a few minutes before our meeting, and presto, we'll be in a video conference. But be prepared, here are some guidelines :


Once you contact me, be prepared to ask your questions. Questions should be short and understandable. EXAMPLE:


 - "I'm hesitating between the Sony A80 Oled TV vs the LG C2. What would be the right choice? "


For smooth running, it is important to limit your questions to a single subject. EXAMPLE: 


If you want to buy a television, we will not discuss the subject of computers.


But don't worry, it will be my great pleasure to answer these other questions using the same method later. 


Remember, I am your electronics purchasing advisor. If you have questions like this, EXAMPLE:


- "How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my TV?"


Unfortunately, this is not my expertise. On the other hand, let me help you choose the right headphones for your needs!


Finally, don't forget that you may have the answers to your questions through my other services. EXAMPLE:  


- “As a member, you visited my page Chef's choice? "


-  "You have consulted my bookstore Expert Videos? "


- “Do you know my educational social networks which are generous with good advice?”


Follow me and let me guide you in making the right choices in your purchases of electronic products. 

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